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Thursday, July 23, 2015

****Why #Bambi Seemed Un-Bothered While Being Flirty With A New Guy****

Bambi's (#LHHATL) career may need a life line, or two and not because she doesn't have talent or potential, but because she's taken a two-year break to focus on her roller-coaster love of a relationship with Lil' Scrappy (#LHHATL). In a recent #LHHATL clip, she debuted a music video with up and coming artist Laudi. The video seemed extremely flirty and Bambi seemed extremely eager to "get back in the game" as she put it in the clip. Rasheeda, who is friends with Scrappy seemed a bit suspicious that Scrappy didn't attend Bambi's video release party. Hmmm...

Sn: The catch 22 about dating a rapper or any public figure/or any popular notable person who's online/real-life presence may overshadow yours is that you run the risk of people erasing your identity to become (insert popular person's name)'s girlfriend or boyfriend. If you are seeking to maintain or elevate your own identity publicly, this may become HIGHLY frustrating to not have your own individual name.


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by Penn Peroud